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Tricia Duffin is a Documater who has worked in and with law firms for 5 years. She is a strategic and detail-oriented document automation specialist who has been using automation to help law firms with estate planning automation and family law automation.

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Tricia Duffin is a Documator who has worked in and with law firms for 5 years.  She is a strategic and detail-oriented document automation specialist who has been using automation to help law firms with estate planning automation and family law automation.

You can watch Tricia automate an NDA here and a Durable Power of Attorney here on our YouTube page.  She also wrote an article about how she automates a POA document here.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I have a Masters in Theatre Education from Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri. I began my legal work as a Legal Secretary in a small family law office that focused on mediation.

I continued my work in family law at a technologically advanced office where I began using Documate to help with their document automation as well as helping with various software integrations.  I am currently working as a freelance software integrator in the St. Louis metro area, helping estate planning and family law attorneys build suites of software to optimize their office flow.

What is your document automation experience?

I have been working with Documate and on document automation for over two years.  I have automated full scale Petitions for Divorce, Statements of Property, Statements of Income and Expenses, Summonses, Parenting Plans, and Filing Documents for family law matters.

For estate planning matters, I have automated Beneficiary Deeds, POAs, Revocable Trusts, Joint Family Trusts, Wills and Pour-Over Wills. I’ve also automated various probate forms including Affidavits of Death, and probate filing documents.

What areas of law or documents do you have experience in?  

I have 5 years of experience in family law offices, specializing in mediation, non-contested, and contested divorces. I have been hired by estate planning attorneys specifically to automate documentation and build software for administrative assistants. I have over 10 years of experience in office management. This experience allows me to see how office flow affects efficiency and can provide the type of software and document automation to reach maximum potential.

Can you describe your process for how you build a document automation workflow? 

I like to begin with an overview of all the potential documentation the attorney is requesting to automate. In this review of the documentation I highlight and compile the data that is necessary for automation.  Taking this spreadsheet, I will meet with the attorney to discuss the highlighted sections, will discuss question wording preferences, stylizing choices, and all possible answers they would need for the questionnaire.

Utilizing the spreadsheet and my extensive notes, I will then begin building out the questionnaire looking for the best workflow for either the attorney or the client (depending on the target audience for the questionnaire). Once I feel I have the basic questionnaire created, I will begin the document automation.

Communicating any issues with the attorney, I move through all of the documentation requested until I am confident that the questionnaire automates correctly with every document.

What do you think are the most important qualities for a document automation developer to have when working with a client to automate their templates and forms?

I think that being timely in your work while still being detail oriented is vital for document automation. When an attorney realizes that they can save time and money with document automation, they are excited to implement this tool as soon as possible. Being able to automate documents, make adjustments and changes, quickly is very important to our clients.

However, you cannot sacrifice the detailed work that document automation requires. The slightest mistake in some of these legal documents have serious consequences for our attorneys and their clients. These are legal documents that need to be held in the high regard by the Documator and treated judiciously. 

What is your proudest moment (professional or otherwise)?

When I got to witness a suite of plays that I wrote, performed for the first time at the St. Louis Fringe Festival in 2014.  Seeing and hearing my words come to life for the first time was an overwhelmingly wonderful experience!

What do you do for fun?

I am a co-founder of a non-profit adult kickball league in St. Louis, MO with a bunch of my friends, and look forward to our sunny Sundays in the park playing a fourth-grade game. I love to puzzle, read, snuggle my two dogs, and entertain friends and family with my husband in my backyard oasis with 20 ft tall banana trees!

Anything else we should know? 

I believe that document automation is proving to be essential for all law offices. This service provides the spine of every document necessary in all types of matters. I also know that automating documentation can be time consuming for attorneys that have their day to day client work to focus on. I hope that I can be an asset to your office and provide this essential service of document automation!

Want to hire Tricia as a document automation specialist? Email us at, so we can connect you!

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