Law for Everyone Finalists Announced

The finalists for the Law for Everyone Challenge are in! These teams have worked tirelessly on their legal technology tools since attending the Passport to Practice and Bucerius programs this summer. Based on their legal expertise and while working with experts in the field, they have built the following tools.

Several legal tech companies have already launched from the challenge around the world – in the US, Canada, Peru, and Turkey. And several of the teams have received press coverage for their products. (Listed in the order of submission.)

FORMidable Solutions Covid Cancellations DOT Complaint Generator

Have a flight that was cancelled due to COVID, but still haven’t gotten a refund? This team built a complaint generator for passengers to take advantage of their rights against airlines. You can access the application here.

The team has gotten a ton of press coverage from Inter Alia, Western Aviation, Canadian Aviation News, and they appeared on a Canadian news channel CTV here. In the first three days, the tool had been used over 1,200 times, equating to approximately $1.2 million in claims against airlines (assuming $1000/dispute).

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Project Violet Sexual Violence Petition (Turkey)

This is an application that will help victims of domestic violence by providing guidance, the automation of complaint and requests for a cautionary decision documents. You can access the application here.

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Workers’ Compensation Angel – LawMeum

Are you a worker who contracted COVID-19 at work, or an employer with workers who have filed workers’ compensation claims? Workers’ Comp Angel is a step by step automated workflow to address these issues. You can access the application here.

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Just Add Terms – Work from Home/Remote Work Policy Generator

Are you a business owner whose workforce has been disrupted by COVID-19? Are you a Human Resources Manager looking to document company policy and guide employees working from home? Or, are you otherwise a geographically distributed team collaborating remotely? Then, you’ll want to use this remote work policy builder for your employees. You can access the application here.

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California Courtyard Conspiracy Civil Forfeiture Tool

Often, there is no recourse to police abuse of civil asset forfeiture laws, which allows seizure/sale of property police allege is involved in a crime. Owners need not ever be arrested or convicted of a crime, and legally regaining such property is notoriously difficult and expensive, with costs sometimes exceeding the value of the property. This guided tool built by California Courtyard Conspiracy helps provide a recourse. You can access the application here.

Project E-pikeia Alimony and Paternity (Peru)

Epikeia (meaning, equity) is a user-friendly platform to provide automated legal assistance to women in Peru to claim the paternity acknowledgment and the correspondent alimony, allowing them to smash the unfair barriers and the formalism of the judiciary system. You can access the application here.

Visit their full website at (with a chatbot you can speak with, too).

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Eviction Response Team 

The Eviction Response Team is an automated platform for tenants to generate a Lease Amendment Form to send to their landlords. You can access the application here.

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Team Pacific Automation CCPA Compliance

Under the CCPA, businesses who collect information about residents in California are required to disclose this collection and the purposes of use. Violation of the CCPA can be $7500 per occurrence or $750/person/violation. This tool is a CCPA Notice at Collection automated document drafter. You can access the application here.

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