Documate Automation Specialists

You provide the templates, our Documators do the setup!

So you want to use Documate for your document automation, document assembly or expert system needs, but you don’t have time to set up all your forms. You’re looking for a freelancer or contractor to help, but you also want to ensure quality and efficiency. We hear this often. You may be a law firm with 200 forms you need automated in 2 weeks or a bootstrapped technology startup relying on automation as the backbone of your business. Either way, you want someone detail-oriented, reliable, thoughtful, and detail oriented.

That’s why we started Documate’s Automation Specialists program (they like to call themselves Documators), where we can connect you to freelancers who are experts, not only on the Documate platform, but in document assembly overall. We’ve vetted them for their expertise, tested them on their critical thinking, and created profiles to help you pick the right one for your situation.

Check out some of our top Documate Automation Specialists:

Our freelancers range in subject matter expertise, experience, and cost, so you can find the right person for you. Whether you want a diligent administrative assistant who can follow your exact instructions or a veteran document automation specialist with deep knowledge of the law, there’s a freelancer for you.

Here are some of our top Documate Automation Specialist profiles below. Or, use the form field below to have us help you find the right developer based on the expertise you need and your budget:

Joseph Schieffer is the founder of A2J Tech Store, a social enterprise that builds technology to improve access to justice. He has extensive document automation experience, including work on two large projects used by 10s of thousands of users. Read more here.

Lorrie Wilson Document Automation Specialist

Lorrie Wilson has over 12 years of document automation expertise. She is an expert in building legal apps in estate planning, corporate law and estate planning. Read more here.

Kelly Brandeburg Document Automation Specialist

Kelly Brandeburg has almost a decade of automation experience, particularly with estate planning documents. She is a strategic workflow builder. Read more here.

Document Automation Developer Natasha Brooks

Natasha Brooks is a document automation developer with very affordable rates who has built workflows in business law, IP law, real estate, and personal injury law. Read more here.

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  • Automate Your Template-Based Work: Create workflows that streamline and automate highly-complex documents based on the choices that you, your employees, or clients make.
  • Build Process: Set up advanced document templates, like agreements, document packets, and proposals. Then, sit back as your employees or clients click through the expert system you’ve built for them. They answer an easy set of questions to generate tailored documents.
  • Error-Proof Your Process: Add complex calculations and retain original formatting of your current forms and documents.
  • Collect and Reuse Data: Use our Data Manager to collect and store documents and data. Reuse generated documents at a later date.