Documate Video Tutorials

Documate’s no-code document automation software makes it easy to create powerful workflows to generate your documents. With Data Manager, you can collect data from clients or reuse data in other workflows. Watch the video tutorials below to save time, ensure 100% accuracy, or even sell workflows on Documate like others have.

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10-Minute Demo of Documate’s Basic Features

A 10-minute demo video on all the basic features – from start to finish – including how to set up your questionnaire, set conditional logic, load your documents, and run your first workflow.

1-Minute Documate Explainer

A one-minute explainer video on how Documate sets up your document automation workflow.

Using the Data Manager

Use Data Manager to search data entries for your workflows, change answers, reuse the data in new workflows, and create multi-user workflows.

Tutorial: How to Set Up Loops (“Repeating Items”)

Repeating items are one of our most popular features, and are essential to gathering lists of information (ex. collecting information about children, members of an LLC, managers, trustees).

Tutorial: Customizing Loops (“Repeating Items”) in Your Word Document

Learn how to customize how your repeating items are displayed in your Word document.

You can learn more about Documate‘s no-code document automation platform, and how to make powerful expert systems by watching these and our historical video tutorials on our Youtube page or by reading our how-to guide here or our basic tutorial here.