Documate Product Updates

We are constantly adding new features to help our clients build the most powerful document automation tools in the world. Below, you can follow Documate product updates and new features. Drop us a line at if you have requests or suggestions!

What’s New at Documate

January 10, 2020 Product Update: Data Manager and multi-user interviews are here!

Data manager will allow you to create answer files that transfer data between workflows and allow for multi-user interviews. Watch the video on how it works here.

December 10, 2019 Product Update: 5 new features come to Documate

  • Generated documents tab. See all of your Generated Documents on your Master Dashboard.  This shows you all the documents that were generated from your workflows, whether completed by you or your clients.
  • Attributes of Repeating Questions can now be “not required.”
  • New look. With the help of a UX expert and months of testing, we launched a new and improved questionnaire interface with a cleaner and wider layout.
  • Add PDF fields. Add new text and checkbox fields on your fillable PDF through our PDF unlocker.
  • Larger logos.  Users can now upload larger logos to display their white-labeled brand.

October 28, 2019 Product Update: 3 new features come to Documate

  • In an effort to keep our customers as a core part of our new feature development, we just launched our “What’s New at Documate” newsletter, where we’ll be updating you on new and upcoming features.
  • New Features on our Word Add-In. You can now add complex boolean logic, format and perform calculations on dates, and perform more complex numerical calculations on our Word plug in.
  • Add Logic To/Based on Repeating Questions. One of our most powerful question types is “repeating” or “looping” questions. We’ve added functionality to allow you to set page logic based on whether there are any of a repeating item and set logic to those repeating items.
  • New Functionality for Fillable PDFs. You can now add conditional text, calculations and multiple variables to PDFs.