Documate Product Updates

We are constantly adding new features to help our clients build the most powerful document automation tools in the world. Below, you can follow Documate product updates and new features. Drop us a line at if you have requests or suggestions!

What’s New at Documate

October 2021 Product Update (COMING SOON!)

  • Documate Public API for pulling in data from other sources (in addition to our already-existing custom integrations)

September 27, 2021 Product Update

  • Review page will only show questions triggered by logic
  • Customize the text for “Save and Continue Later” and accompanying email triggers
  • Multi-select variables available in invisible logic options
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes:
    • Better notifications where a workflow has missing variables
    • User improvements to Zapier and invisible logic
    • Allowing usage of numbers less than 0.00001 in a repeating item sum

August 25, 2021 Product Update

  • Document Output Types. Output Document settings make it even easier to choose whether documents are output as Word, PDF, or both
  • Send emails to Variable Names. Emailed documents can be sent to variable names (not just static email addresses)
  • Language Settings. Choose from 18 different languages that can now be set on a workflow by workflow basis instead of solely for the entire account
  • Update documents directly from Microsoft Word using the “Update in Documate” button (without needing to upload documents to Documate)
  • Add page/question logic based on a variable being blank
  • Improved notifications for missing variables
    • Synchronous notifications for missing variable names
    • Ability to generate documents even where variable is missing
  • Other improvements
    • Enhancements to apostrophes, which are now allowed in answer choices
    • Load new versions of a PDF without removing tagging of the old version of the PDF
    • Performance & speed improvements for pages with many questions
    • Sending variables to Zapier is now also supported where documents are emailed from Documate to your email address

July 19, 2021 Product Update

  • Page and Question Duplication. Duplicate pages and questions in a workflow with the click of a button.
  • Word Add-In allows you to “Insert All Questions and Variables” to easily create an easy response or intake form (see video here)
  • Logic can be applied to CSV questions.
  • Prettier URLs. Use the “link” button on your Dashboard, and you’ll see that the workflow URLs are now cleaner.
  • Other Improvements:
    • User interface improvements.
    • Multi Select and Single Select questions will no longer have different syntax for logic. They will be interchangeable, leading to a better user experience.

June 10, 2021 Product Update

  • Zapier Integration is Ready! Push data out of Documate and into Zapier-connected apps. Here’s a brief video showing you how to do this to push into Excel, and we’ll be profiling more use cases in our YouTube tutorials. You can also use webhooks to connect to non-Zapier software if they have the proper API.
  • Master Dashboard redesign allows you to more easily access what you need.
  • Set default values for fields, which will appear in the field if the user does not change or enter a new answer. Go to “Settings” on any question, and type anything into the “Default Value” field.
  • Repeating Items no longer require an “Initial Question.” Will there always be at least one of a repeating item? You can now toggle the “initial question” to be off, so that you jump straight into the questions.
    • You can also eliminate the blank review table that shows when there are zero of a repeating item. See this video here.
  • Enhanced Invisible Logic. Set variables to equals the number of items in a repeating item. For example, if you have a repeating item for “children”, you can now “Create New Variable” and set it to equals “children number”. Then, you can use that new variable throughout your workflow and in complex output documents. More repeating item functionality coming to Invisible Logic in the near future, too!
  • Other improvements:
    • Simple Multi-select variables will display only the checked option regardless of whether “true values” is used.
    • Warnings throughout system, including on the “taker” side, to ask “are you sure you want to delete this.”
    • Updates to Word add-in: Enhancements to Check Syntax button.

May 11, 2021 Product Update

  • New Side Panel! See your whole workflow at once glance and move questions and pages
  • Updated Word add-in features (insert these with the Word add-in without any code):
    • Insert a specific instance of a repeating item by using the Item Number dropdown in the Repeating Item section of the Word add-in. For example, instead of adding all children, choose to insert the first child and the first child’s date of birth.
    • Enhancements to Check Syntax button.

April 28, 2021 Product Update

  • Updated Word add-in features (insert these with the Word add-in without any code):
    • Format numbers and numerical calculations as words.
    • Sum all of the values from a repeating item directly in the add-in, like this under “Calculating the Sum of a Repeating Item Attribute”.
    • Picking from a list of Clio contacts in a repeating item? Use the “comma list” and “oxford comma list” dropdown to format Clio Repeating Items with commas and an “and” before the last item.
    • Enhancements to Check Syntax button.

March 20, 2021 Product Update: Spreadsheets, Invisible Logic, and More

  • Pull data from spreadsheets to store data that can be accessed by any workflow (a lookup or reference table). Watch the video here.
  • Change messaging for all final screens and emails, including the ability to add variables into email subject lines and outbound emails. Details on all the customizable messages here.
  • Select multiple Clio Contacts at a time in response to Repeating Item questions.
  • Create variables behind the scenes without asking for the information in a question block.
  • Enhanced “invisible logic” to allow you to set complex and/or logic to questions and pages, create new variables to capture date and numerical calculations in the workflow, and simplify complex calculations. Watch these videos on the main use cases.
  • Option added to calculate the last day of the month.
  • Clio questions can now have logic applied to them.

November 17, 2020 Product Update

  • Added capitalization, lowercase, and upper case options in the commalist functions for repeating items.
  • Roman numeral support added for the auto-numbering function.
  • Enhancements to Data Manager.
  • Style updates.

October 15, 2020 Product Update: Enhanced Output Document Logic

  • Enhanced “complex” logic can now be added to determine which documents are generated at the end of a workflow. Watch this video to learn more.
  • Enhanced ability to sum and subtract variables within the same repeating item or variables between different repeating items.
  • Added “sort” function to repeating items, so that you can sort repeating items by date.
  • Next/prior business day methods added to calculate a date that falls on a weekend.
  • Parse_time function was added to allow use of time of day variables.

September 9, 2020 Product Update

  • Add section labels on the side panel to your workflows to help users understand where they are in the process.
  • Format numbers as words using the “Format As” button in the Word add-in.
  • Use “Insert All Variables” in the Word add-in to add all variables to an intake document.
  • Use “Save and Continue Later” button to allow user to save or send the workflow session.

August 30, 2020 Product Update: Clio Integration is Here

  • Use the Clio integration to pull information from Clio Matters and Contacts into your Documate workflows. Watch the video here.
  • Stripe integration enhancements. Read our instructions on connecting to your Stripe account.
  • Password protect your workflows with a kickout page.  Or use a kickout page to build an expert system.
  • Learn more about the full power of using Repeating Item questions (and new ways to format them) in Word Documents in this deep-dive video. Use the “refer to next item” option for many estate planning use cases.
  • New Combobox question type to add a single-select list, but also allow the user to free-type anything they want to.
  • Check Syntax feature released in Word Add-in to ensure custom syntax is accurate.

July 1, 2020 Product Update: Additional Repeating Item and Output Functionality

  • Reference a prior repeating item question’s answers in a future repeating item or multi-select/single-select question like this.
  • Choose whether your emails send the docx version, the PDF version, or both.
  • Improved error handling.

June 1, 2020 Product Update: New Functions for Word Documents

  • Customize how any number (phone numbers, SSNs, EINs) is displayed.
  • Add custom numbering within the text for your sections and articles like this, freeing yourself of Word’s form fields.
  • Refer to the next item in a list, which is useful for estate planning situations referencing what a subsequent child or successor will receive, among other use cases.
  • Multi-line options for text area variables.
  • Set logic based on blank values.

March 10, 2020 Product Update: Duplicate Documents for Repeating Items

If you have a Repeating Item question (example: for children or shareholders), you can now generate a customized duplicate document for each of those children or shareholders using the “Generate Multiple” button.  That means that each child or shareholder will have their own custom document with their own information in it.  Read more about this here.

February 25, 2020 Product Update: Add Custom CSS

Add custom CSS to your interviews to change styling, fonts, sizes, and anything else. Our Documate developers can help if you want to build custom styles.

February 9, 2020 Product Update: Repeating Item Updates

See all repeating items on the review page. Use the “Collect on same page” feature to change the display when gathering repeating items.

January 10, 2020 Product Update: Data Manager and multi-user interviews are here!

Data manager will allow you to create answer files that transfer data between workflows and allow for multi-user interviews. Watch the video on how it works here.

December 10, 2019 Product Update: 5 new features come to Documate

  • Generated documents tab. See all of your Generated Documents on your Master Dashboard.  This shows you all the documents that were generated from your workflows, whether completed by you or your clients.
  • Attributes of Repeating Questions can now be “not required.”
  • New look. With the help of a UX expert and months of testing, we launched a new and improved questionnaire interface with a cleaner and wider layout.
  • Add PDF fields. Add new text and checkbox fields on your fillable PDF through our PDF unlocker.
  • Larger logos.  Users can now upload larger logos to display their white-labeled brand.

October 28, 2019 Product Update: 3 new features come to Documate

  • In an effort to keep our customers as a core part of our new feature development, we just launched our “What’s New at Documate” newsletter, where we’ll be updating you on new and upcoming features.
  • New Features on our Word Add-In. You can now add complex boolean logic, format and perform calculations on dates, and perform more complex numerical calculations on our Word plug in.
  • Add Logic To/Based on Repeating Questions. One of our most powerful question types is “repeating” or “looping” questions. We’ve added functionality to allow you to set page logic based on whether there are any of a repeating item and set logic to those repeating items.
  • New Functionality for Fillable PDFs. You can now add conditional text, calculations and multiple variables to PDFs.